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Mystic Places, Ascension, Whispers by ambient flute/piano duo PHOENIX RISING.   Later Than You Think, Jah Provide by rap/jazz/fusion ensemble COPUS.   Aspiration debut CD by piano/vocal combination AWE (AngelicWendyExperience).   Piano & Friends by composer/pianist Wendy Loomis.  

CD Selection

Aspiration - AWE

Just out in December, songstress Angelica Ullrich and composer/pianist Wendy Loomis combine musical forces in this debut CD "Aspiration".  Six songs that will touch your heart.


Mystic Places - Phoenix Rising

Travel with Phoenix Rising (aka Monica Williams, flute/arrangement; Wendy Loomis, composer/pianist) to exotic places on the planet and within your own soul.   Piano, synthesizer, percussion, and flutes from around the world, this is Phoenix Rising's 3rd CD.  Released January 2014, the CD is already climbing the New Age charts.


Ascension - Phoenix Rising

This new CD is designed to relax and energize the listener - whether on a daily commute, a weekly yoga class, or a monthly massage. Themes are composed by Wendy Loomis and performed by Monica Williams (flute), Jennifer Lim (guzheng), Debra Podjed (tabla), Jessica Styler (hang drum), Suellen Primost (cello), Irina Mikhailova (vocals), Karen Segal (guitar), and Wendy Loomis (piano).  Songs have been nominated for 'best new age' and 'best classical' by Hollywood Music and Media Awards.


Whispers - Phoenix Rising

The piano/flute duo Phoenix Rising 'create scenescapes of light and beauty' - 'a filmscore awaiting a film' ...


Piano and Friends - Wendy Loomis

'Piano and Friends' is Wendy's foray into piano-centric solos and ensembles.


Later Than You Think - COPUS

COPUS - Creation Of Peace Under Stars - features poet/spoken word artist Royal Kent, composer/pianist Wendy Loomis, and an array of world musicians.  "Copus produces music that is part jazz, part classical, cerebral and sexy. Think of Copus as the love child of Jack Kerouac and Grace Jones." --Tom Kidd, Music Connection


Jah Provide - COPUS

Powerful words, music, and the rhythms of ensemble COPUS reflect the wonders of Jah in our world (3 tracks).


CD Selection


Lots of published sheet music available for purchase - including compositions for solo piano, piano/flute/strings combinations, and a special 'Twas the Night' choral (SATB) work perfect for your choir's Christmas services.  Composition by Wendy Loomis with beautiful words by Michael Loomis. 


Additional compositions available for solo flute, flute choir, and piano/cello/flute combinations. 

Sheet music available at Lulu Publishing

GLASS COLLECTOR BOOK - Krys-Tol! Krys-Tol! Krys-Tol!

by Jean Chapman Loomis


"... This most detailed and descriptive book on the Krys-tol line of glassware written by Jean Chapman Loomis was printed and must be considered the definitive reference tome for all who wish to know more about Krys-tol." ~Sy London

Product Details Length: 160 pages Publisher: J.C. Loomis (2001) Language: English ISBN-10: 0971227209 ISBN-13: 978-0971227200 Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.1 x 0.5 inches Shipping Weight: 12 ounces Cost: $14.95 plus shipping ($3.00 US, $11.00 UK) 

Please contact to order "Krystol! Krystol! Krystol!".