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WENDY LOOMIS: Musical Education

Private piano, guitar, percussion instruction

Wendy has been teaching private piano, guitar, and hand percussion at her San Francisco home studio since 2003. Please email her for rates and information.


"If you need more students, let me know. I would happily spread the word about how wonderful you are! I am extremely grateful to you for your flexibility and loving teaching methods." Emilie C. (San Francisco parent)

"My children have been taking music lessons from Wendy Loomis for years (one does guitar and the other does piano). They both enjoy going to music lessons with Wendy and we love hearing them play. They continue to learn, and Wendy does it in a way in which it is always fun for them. At the end of each lesson, for example, Wendy has them pick an instrument to play and she accompanies on the piano. Then, they switch roles. I like the free form where they get to "think outside the box" and feel the music. As a person, I think Wendy is not only a nice person and a great music teacher but she's also a music and arts enthusiast who promotes creativity and thoughtfulness. I highly recommend her to anyone considering music lessons." Laura K. (San Francisco parent)

"As a young girl, I took piano lesson for years and only learned classical music.  I continued to play, but had such a hard time with jazz, blues and pop.  Wendy can teach it all and really helped me with my rhythm, the blues scales and jazz off-beat.  She knows how to teach in a gentle but firm manner.  I would highly recommend her to anyone."  Judith A. (San Francisco student & parent)


Native American Flute and World Drum Workshops

The drum is the oldest instrument known to man, tribes around the globe sat around fires playing drums to accompany stories of their history, so it could be passed down for future generations. Recently a 60,000 year old diatonic flute made of bone was discovered, making the flute the oldest melodic instrument. It only makes sense that these two instruments should be played together. The class will include a performance by Phoenix Rising, demonstrating together on piano, concert flute, alto flute, pan flute, diza, Native American flute, bawu, Mexican gourd drum, cajon, dumbeq and more. This is a perfect group setting to learn an instrument that will help you alleviate stress and anxiety, and gain more focus.

Who can participate?
Any person over 12 years of age. No previous musical experienced needed.

Do I need to have a Native American flute or drum?
No, part of the fee includes is a High Spirits Cedar flute in the key of a (retail value of $125). This is one of the best flute makers of Native American flute. This flute is yours after the workshop, to go home and continue your practice. Drums will be provided for use in class. You will get hands on experience creating many different rhythms on a variety of drums from around the globe. Some drums may be available for purchase after the class, please inquire if you are interested in this option.

Is the Native American flute hard to play?
No - the Native American flute is much easier to play than the Western flute. Sound is produced by blowing directly into a hole (like the recorder), and therefore there is not the struggle of producing a sound.

I already play flute or drums; will this class be of any benefit to me?
Yes! Western flute players you will find many techniques that you can be applied to both silver and Native American flutes such as air support, articulations variations, covering holes, vibrato uses, different scales uses, how to improvise and even microphone placements and effect pedal uses. Drum players will be able to experience rhythm patterns and improvisations on drums from around the world.

Will I need to learn to read music in this workshop?
No! That is why this is a great class for anyone who has always wanted to learn an instrument, but never had the time or opportunity. The music for Native American flute and drum was part of an oral tradition and rarely written down. All music was improvised or played from the heart- based upon the notes on the flute. You will be able to go home, and create your own melodies. Now you don’t have an excuse!

I am not good at improvising. Will I be frustrated in this workshop?
Most students believe they cannot improvise. If you have never improvised then Native American flute and drums is the way to start. The Native American Flute is based upon the pentatonic scale (means 5 note scale). Because of this there is no wrong or sour not that you can play. That means all combinations of notes, in any order are correct.

Who is Phoenix Rising?
Phoenix Rising is comprised of ASCAP award-winning composer/pianist Wendy Loomis and Eastman alumna flutist Monica Williams. They have released 2 CDs of their works, “Whispers” and “Ascension”. “Ascension” has been nominated for ‘best acoustic album of the year’ by the Los Angeles Music Awards.

Workshop duration: 3 hours
Cost: $150 (includes High Spirit flute – retail $125)

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