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CLASSICAL - commercial by Kevin Twomey; Clair de Lune played by Wendy Loomis.


POP (The Pretender) performed by AWE (AngelicWendyExperience)



CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL/SPOKEN WORD - "Haves Have" poem by Royal Kent, composition/piano by Wendy Loomis, flute by Monica Williams, paintings by Stevenski Brewster. We are the 99%.



ORCHESTRAL - composition to a clip of Universal film 'Serenity'. Video clip was provided by NYU/ASCAP filmscoring workshop, June 2011.




NEW AGE VOCAL - licensing of 'Unspoken' from Phoenix Rising CD 'Ascension' for the wonderful one-minute film by John Rodriguez.




CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR INDIE FILM - classical music score clip from 'Virgin of the Candles' by Argentinian-born writer/director Victoria Giordana. Vocals by Barbara Jaspersen. Premiered at International Latino Film Festival, Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood - August 2010.



AMBIENT SOUNDSCAPE - new meditative video performed by Phoenix Rising (Monica Williams, flutist/arranger; Wendy Loomis, composer/pianist). Original art by Boris Koodrin.




ELECTRONIC TRANCE - music by Phoenix Rising with images courtesy of Kerri Gawyrn, director of "Exposing Homelessness" - a documentary of 3 formerly homeless San Francisco women photographing their worlds in black and white. Photographs by M. Meissen, Bréyon Austin, and Liz Olsen.



RAP/JAZZ/FUSION - "Happy Birthday Bob Marley" music video featuring poet Royal Kent, pianist/composer Wendy Loomis, flutist Monica Williams, bassist Patrick Mahon, percussionist Omar, and unreleased Bob Marley photos shot by Royal Kent.



INSPIRATIONAL POP  - 'Anything I Perceive': a tribute to the 16 women Senators and an enouragement of girls, women, and enlightened men everywhere.